Application for free school meals

Benefit Claimants details

Date of birth *
Date of birth
Marital status *
Marital status
Tick which benefit, if any, you are receiving *
Tick which benefit, if any, you are receiving

About your dependent children

Please list the names and details of each dependent child who is:
(a) in full-time attendance at a school or other educational establishment; and/or
(b) living at home and under school age
If you need to add more than a child use the Add button
Date of birth *
Date of birth

Applicant’s declaration

I hereby certify that the information given on this form is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, correct. I understand that any person knowingly giving any false information on this form, or providing any false documentation in support of it, may be liable to prosecution which could result in a fine and/or imprisonment. *

Personal information policy

Your personal information provided on this form will be used in accordance with the Council's Personal Information Policy.

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